The World Count of Gaming Machines 2019

The World Count of Gaming Machines provides an insight into the global gaming machine industry through a survey of the number of gaming machines legitimately operating worldwide.

Gaming machines can be found in thousands of locations globally, from casinos to cruise boats, in clubs and local bars, racing venues, amusement parlours, restaurants, petrol stations, and even in corner stores and cafes.

GTA has commissioned the World Count of Gaming Machines since 1999. The document has illustrated the evolving nature of the industry both in Australia and in other countries. It has provided a measure of where Australia is positioned in relation to other regulated countries throughout the world.

GTA estimates that the number of authorised gaming machines installed worldwide in 2019 was 7,431,125, up 0.39% from 2018.

Australia was estimated to have 192,800 machines installed in 2019, a reduction of 3,501 machines from the previous year.

Download your copy of the World Count of Gaming Machines 2019 here.