Release of Gambling Inquiry Draft Report

Next week, the Productivity Commission will release the draft report on its inquiry into Gambling.  The release is scheduled for Wednesday, 21 October at 12.30pm.

In the submission to the Commission’s inquiry the Gaming Technologies Association (GTA) has recommended a national framework to harmonise different state and territory standards that apply to games and gaming machines.   

“Cutting the maze of red tape across eight separate, independent jurisdictions will allow gaming manufacturers to focus on solutions that provide Australians with 21st century, world class gaming entertainment that implements the highest standards of responsible gaming” Ross Ferrar, GTA Chief Executive said.

“We need a national framework that encourages leadership, dialogue and is outcomes focussed.  This would result in a coordinated effort to bring people and ideas together to research and implement the best approach to address problem gambling” Ross said.

“The GTA is committed to a constructive dialogue and look forward to working with all key players in industry and government to bring about real solutions” Ross said

The GTA welcomed this inquiry when it was announced over a year ago.
“We thought it was time for an independent look at where we are as an industry and where we might go in the future” Ross said.
“It presented an opportunity for a responsible and balanced appraisal of the industry, including its contribution to technology, innovation, employment and to the Australian economy.   We hope that through wide consultation of all stakeholders this inquiry may also help address the unsubstantiated criticisms our industry has attracted over the last 10 years.”

To date the Commission has received over 260 public submissions to inform its considerations. The release of Commission’s draft report next week, presents further opportunities for consultation prior to a final report to the Federal Government in February 2010.
The GTA notes that 2,200 people are employed in Australia in the supply of gaming machines. An additional 140,000 people are employed in hospitality venues as a result of the poker machine industry. This contributes to 3.5% of Australia’s GDP and is a valuable export industry.