Pokies makers reveal all

Every aspect of gaming machine design is provided to State government regulators before any machine is approved for use, according to GTA Chief Executive Ross Ferrar.

“Every line of software, every component and every element of algorithms, maths and statistics are submitted to regulators and to independent licensed testing laboratories before any game or machine can be approved” Ross said.  “Once installed, every gaming machine is electronically monitored to ensure that it operates according to its approvals.

“It’s a matter of public record that GTA’s members are willing to provide detailed information about gaming machines to appropriate government authorities and it is nonsense that they would not do so voluntarily” he said.

“Hansard transcripts of a Senate Community Affairs Committee public hearing in September 2008 show that GTA has indicated its members’ willingness to submit all of the information provided to regulators for assessment of gaming machines to other government offices if they request it.  The records of South Australia’s Independent Gambling Authority public hearing in April 2008 will show the same commitment.
“Gaming machines are designed to entertain – nothing more, nothing less.

“There is no magic– just highly secure and reliable equipment which generates 140,000 Australian jobs.   Critics should stop the nonsense and get on with the job of working together to address any issues” he said.