New Zealand gaming industry sets scene for united vision

A new government and the current economic climate are creating an exciting platform for gaming in New Zealand says CEO of the Gaming Technologies Association (GTA), Ross Ferrar.

Speaking at this year’s NZ Gaming Expo in Christchurch, Ferrar said potential law changes and new outcomes-based initiatives wi thin the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) were giving the industry the opportunity to shape its own future and the environment in which it operates.

“We cannot stand still and, while there is st ill some way to go, improved communication between representative bodies is already ha ppening. There is progress towards a united vision for the industry.  

“Industry unity is vital to driving solutions to overcome the challenges such as complex regulation and the negative perceptions that the industry faces. As a body we need to be willing to understand and appreciate the different perspectives of all involved and accommodate these in solutions that work for everybody.”

Also speaking at this week’s two-day even t dedicated to the New Zealand gaming scene Bruce Robertson, CEO of the Hospitality Associ ation of New Zealand said this sea change in attitudes both politically and economically was positive for the gaming industry.

“We have to have a united vision and be solu tion driven as an industry. There are huge opportunities ahead to improve public perceptions and be acknowledged as facilitators of worthwhile community projects through the large sums of money we raise for charity.”

Addressing the expo, Francis Wevers, CEO of the Charity Gaming Association said the gaming industry had to have the courage to make the changes needed to create that united vision.

“It’s our responsibility as an industry to commit to doing the right thing. We’ve sometimes been slow to accept change and ha ve been reactive to events. There is now the opportunity to create the practical, so lution-driven changes that will shape our industry in a positive light.”

Ferrar said New Zealand’s clubs, hotels and other gaming venues needed to be congratulated on the good job they had done in raising over $547 million last year of

which over $340 million was distributed directly to worthy community causes, and over $200 million in gaming taxes.

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Editor’s Note:
The GTA, which hosts both the Australian and New Zealand Gaming Expos, was established in 1990 to promote the development of the industry’s manufacturing resources in Australia and New Zealand. Members of the association provide technology and equipment to hospitality venues in more than 250 jurisdictions around the world.