New Australasian Gaming Expo venue at Glebe Island, passes its first test.

On Friday 24th January, the operators of the new venue for the 2014 Australasian Gaming Expo, held a test event for future exhibitors at the new Sydney Exhibition Centre @ Glebe Island, site. This will be the home for the Australasian Gaming Expo for the next 3 years.

With over 500 visitors attending on the day, it was a great opportunity for them to test that the ferries and buses worked, that the taxi drivers could find the new venue and that visitors coming by car could find the new venue’s car park by knowing to turn left to go past the Super Yacht Marina and not proceed along Victoria Road.

Also at the test were the complete catering services offering everything from scrumptious Tandoori filled Baguettes to complete Caesar Salads. And in a step up from the catering at the old Darling Harbour venue, the coffee was proper coffee, made by real baristas with proper coffee machines.

Several exhibitors that will be at AGE 2014 attended and they were pleasantly surprised at both the sense of permanence and spaciousness that the new venue offered.  Here’s what Enrike Vogel – Customer Service Manager at PHaT Sourcing said after he had finished the guided tour; “The view looking outside of Hall 1 is absolutely breathtaking.  Inside the Halls there is such a natural lighting and this felt very warm and inviting.   Very excited this year to be exhibiting in the new venue at AGE!!”

Lindsay Verdon from Paynter Dixon was as equally excited; “Glebe Island, as a new facility, has a lot of positive features and the natural light is excellent.  We will be able to create a stand with more design flair.  The AGE event has been held at Darling Harbour for 24 years, this move will enlighten and boost our enthusiasm for new ideas which our industry is all about!!

The Australasian Gaming Expo will be held from the 12th of August to the 14th of August 2014.