Myth busting on poker machines number of machines in NSW overstated by 670,000

The Gaming Technologies Association (GTA) today said recent claims regarding the number of poker machines operating in NSW are overstated by 670,000.

“Statements have been made in recent days about the number of poker machines in NSW – and in Australia – which are quite simply incorrect.  GTA annually commissions a World Count of Gaming Machines survey which collates the number of machines from government and related information.

“Australia has 197,105 machines in operation and NSW has 94,864 of the world’s 7,700,004 gaming machines” GTA Chief Executive Ross Ferrar said.

“If Australia has 20% of the world’s machines, where are the other 1.3 million?

“And if NSW has 10% of the world’s machines, where are the other 670,000 or so?

“Let’s stick to the facts.  Australia has about 2.5% of the world’s gaming machines.  Australia’s poker machines are the world’s slowest gaming machines, have among the lowest maximum bets and operate in one of the most stringent regulatory environments.


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