Manufacturers call for the facts

Sydney, NSW – 10 February 2008: Gaming machine manufacturers today called for balanced discussion of the facts after a “war against Australia’s poker machines” was reported.

“Emotive claims about gaming machines are becoming common – and it’s time there was some sensible debate based on facts” said Ross Ferrar, Executive Officer of the Australasian Gaming Machine Manufacturers Association (AGMMA). “Many of the negative claims are actually myths, seemingly announced purely for publicity purposes.”

“It’s something of an insult to many thousands of Australian hospitality workers and gaming machine manufacturing, servicing and related staff, that such myths are put forward. Customers of modern hospitality venues demand a wide range of quality products and services, including gaming machines” Ferrar said.

“Gaming machines in Australia are manufactured to exacting technical, electrical and related standards. Australian gaming regulation is regarded as the toughest in the world and the standards and procedures required by the respective authorities are continually strengthened in light of perceived best practice” Ferrar said. “We call on critics of gaming to set aside their personal intolerance of machines, to reconsider their use of emotive rhetoric and to consider the facts before seeking publicity.”

One of the myths claimed regularly by critics is that Australia has 20% of the world’s gaming machines. “Australia actually has 2.4% of the world’s gaming machines or less and this has been repeatedly surveyed by globally respected, independent researchers” said Ferrar. The WORLD COUNT OF GAMING MACHINES research report, along with more myths and facts about gaming machines are discussed at AGMMA’s website,