Key Industry Facts

A number of inaccurate claims have been recently made regarding the gaming industry. It is important that this inaccurate information is corrected with facts:

• Poker machines are designed to be entertaining, and are a legitimate leisure activity that many Australians enjoy responsibly.

• Integrity, fairness, probity and harm minimisation relating to poker machines are paramount objectives of Australian gaming machine legislation, regulation and standards.

• Australia has approximately 2.5 per cent of the world’s gaming machines.1

• All poker machines and games are subject to an extensive approval and testing process with State and Territory government regulators. Every aspect of these machines is governed by a range of
stringent legislation, regulations and standards to ensure integrity and fairness.

• If a poker machine product is not approved by a State regulator it does not appear in any venue.

• Complying with the myriad of government requirements to approve a gaming machine is a process that takes a minimum of 12 months to complete and sometimes much longer.

• This process includes submitting games and machines to independent and licensed testing facilities to ensure Australians play compliant, safe and fun machines

• Poker machines in Australia are powered by random number generators that ensure each and every result is entirely random. This is a fundamental principle that underpins the integrity of game play and is something regulators scrutinise very closely.

• There are no “near miss” machines in Australia. Machines clearly display one of two possible outcomes — a win or a loss — for each and every bet.

• Australia and New Zealand have the slowest machines in the world; they are designed and regulated to limit play speed.

• Comparing poker machines to drug use is an illogical analogy that makes no meaningful contribution to the debate and wrongly implies that poker machine play is illegal.

• The gaming industry supports the employment of many thousands of Australians. Poker machines are only a single part of an entertainment experience enjoyed by millions of Australians in pubs, clubs and other venues around Australia.

• Problem gambling prevalence rates in Australia are on a downward trend. The gaming industry, government and the community have been working together for years to create a properly regulated and responsible industry. Examples of responsible gaming features include clocks and currency meters on every poker machine screen, in-venue and statewide self-exclusion programs and in-venue chaplaincy programs.

1 World Count of Gaming Machines, published March 2016