Gaming Machines Designed to Entertain

Gaming machines are designed to entertain, the Gaming Technologies Association (GTA) said today.

“They’re approved and controlled like no other hospitality equipment.  They’re electronically monitored and forensically audited against a mass of standards, legislation and regulation” said GTA’s Chief Executive, Ross Ferrar.

He said that comments made on “60 Minutes” this evening could be misinterpreted.

“No gaming machines enter any Australian casino, club or hotel without previously undergoing detailed testing and technical analysis.  Gaming machine suppliers deliver every aspect of design, development, manufacture and operation – including Intellectual Property, game mathematics and probabilities – to independently licensed test laboratories and to government regulatory authorities, before any gaming machine is approved for use.”

Mr Ferrar cited recent research findings from the Centre for International Economics, which found that “removing the gaming machine industry would reduce employment throughout Australia by 140,000 people and reduce gross domestic product (GDP) by $13.5 billion annually.” So many jobs and such an economic impact demonstrates the enjoyment that gaming machines deliver to hospitality patrons in Australia.

“Critics wanted on-screen clocks and now they’re on all new machines.  Critics wanted dollar amounts on-screen and now they’re on all new machines.  Critics do not appear to have any new ideas and gaming machine design worldwide is way ahead of the political agendas we’ve seen this evening in seeking to address issues”, he concluded.