Facts on Poker Machines

Recent debate has included misinformation, which the Gaming Technologies Association would like to correct.
Firstly, Australia has 2.8% of the world’s gaming machines.  Click here for the independent “World Count of Gaming Machines” survey report, which was completed in January 2011.   The report also shows that Australia does not have the most machines per capita.
Secondly, some ‘experts’ have claimed that Australian gaming machines are faster or more ‘intense’ than anywhere else.  This is not correct.   Almost everywhere else in the world, the reel spin can be ‘fast forwarded’ to tenths of a second or even less; and in many cases, the Maximum Bet is unlimited or much larger than in Australia.
Australian gaming machines are manufactured to exacting technical, electrical and other standards.   Australian gaming regulation is the toughest in the world.
The only directly comparable machines are in New Zealand clubs and hotels, where they have a lower Maximum Bet and problem gambling levels are very similar to Australia’s.