Australian “pokies” world’s slowest

Sydney, Australia – 13 March 2008: Australian gaming machines are the slowest in the world, according to Ross Ferrar, Executive Officer of the Australasian Gaming Machine Manufacturers Association (AGMMA).

“We note that ‘experts’ claim that Australian gaming machines are faster or more ‘intense’ than elsewhere” said Ferrar. “This is not correct. Almost everywhere else in the world, the reel spin can be ‘fast forwarded’ to tenths of a second or even less.”

“The reality is that Australian gaming machines’ reel spin cannot be interrupted. The reel spin can be interrupted on machines elsewhere, by pressing the PLAY button twice to ‘fast forward’ the reel spin.”

“It interests us that ‘experts’ make false claims about the worldwide hospitality industry” Ferrar said. “Manufacturers’ staff are licensed in multiple jurisdictions and are personally held to very high levels of probity and integrity – while these ‘experts’ seem willing to make outrageous and baseless claims which are patently false and misleading, without due care or research of publicly available facts.”

“Gaming machines are manufactured to exacting technical, electrical and related standards. Australian gaming regulation is regarded as the toughest in the world” Ferrar said. “So­called ‘experts’ should set aside their personal intolerance of machines and consider the facts.”