Australia has 2.4% of the world’s gaming machines

Sydney, Australia – 4 April 2008: Australia has 2.4% – at most – of the world’s gaming machines, according to the Australasian Gaming Machine Manufacturers Association (“AGMMA”).

“AGMMA has regularly commissioned independent researchers to conduct a World Count of Gaming Machines survey” said Ross Ferrar, AGMMA’s Executive Officer. “The most recent World Count survey was completed a few weeks ago and showed that Australia has 2.4% of the world’s gaming machines.”

“Even the 2.4% statistic is quite probably overstated, as only those machines whose numbers could be reliably verified were included” said Ferrar. “The researchers quite rightly relied on figures supplied by governments or otherwise reliable sources for the purposes of this survey report”.

Mr Ferrar said “The fact that Australia has 2.4% of the world’s machines discredits recent claims that this figure is as high as 21%. These claims rely on 9 year old data which was wrong then and is irrelevant now. No matter how you define or refine the data, the number of machines in Australia is a fraction of what has been claimed by some, for apparently sensationalist purposes.”

“Our view is that the percentage of the world’s machines discussion is something of a side issue” said Ferrar. “What’s important is that all parties work together to prevent any problems from occurring. Regulators, venues and manufacturers are doing a good job addressing the issues and should be encouraged to continue to move forward without sensationalist distractions.”