Alternative Cheap on Fact s, Expensive in Dollars

The Australian Greens “cheap alternative” policy announced this morning that gaming machines would have a $1 limit on bets is fatally flawed, according to the Gaming Technologies Association which represents the suppliers of gaming machines.

“Changing a machine to a $1 bet limit requires a game change, which as everybody in the industry knows will cost $5,000 per machine and more than that for machines older than 3 years” said the Association’s CEO, Ross Ferrar.

“The Greens are also wrong in describing existing Australian gaming machines are fast or ‘intense’.  Almost everywhere else in the world, the reel spin can be ‘fast forwarded’ to tenths of a second or even less; and in many cases, the Maximum Bet is unlimited or much larger than in Australia.

“The Greens have never spoken with industry, so appear to be ill-advised on this matter” he said.