AGMMA becomes GTA

AGMMA today announced that its name has changed, to Gaming Technologies Association or GTA.

Speaking at the opening of the 19th annual Australasian Gaming Expo in Sydney, GTA’s Chief Executive Officer, Ross Ferrar said: “Ever since the first “Gaming Machine” appeared in the late 19th century, the technology of gaming has progressively evolved.

“Recent dramatic changes in computer technologies have turned this evolution into a revolution – delivering significant new benefits to players and venues alike.

“The convergence of these technologies means that gaming terminals are now an essential part of the Hospitality experience.

“At the same time, Gaming has grown into a global industry with the Asia Pacific region leading the charge for future growth while providing the experience and knowledge gained from decades of successful operations.

“As a representative of some of the world’s leading gaming technology suppliers in the Asia Pacific region, AGMMA recognises that it is time to change our name to one which best reflects the industry’s future direction.

“So we are changing our name to the Gaming Technologies Association or GTA.

“We continue to look forward to a strong, positive future for our industry, collectively focused on fresh ideas, high standards and mutual leadership in this global market; and we look forward to the improved flexibility that new technologies will bring, enabling us to meet all our audiences’ demands and expectations in the most timely and effective way.”